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Social Equity

Social Equity is defined as measures taken to protect and enhance the environment, the economy, and equity for current residents and future generations.

Our focus is on the social equity aspects of sustainability.

Social equity means redressing injustices and remediating damages that were previously incurred, fully incorporating all segments of the community in the political process, and establishing measures to prevent future inequities from occurring.

The social equity dimension of sustainability refers to how burdens and benefits of different policy actions are distributed in a community. The more evenly they are distributed, the more equitable the community is, and this is reflected in economic, environmental, and social outcomes. A key point for promoting social equity activities is that exclusion and inequality are not sustainable practices. Put simply, we’re all in this together economically, socially, and environmentally. If we want livable and viable communities, we must pursue a comprehensive approach to sustainability that includes social equity.